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Perfectly Unbalanced Tour 2016

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Jeffrey “Jeff” Dunham is an American famous stand-up comedian who has announced his new 2016 tour around USA.

It would be hard to find a stand-up comedian with more humor than Jeff Dunham. With little wonder he has become one of the most highly successful stand-ups within the comedy world, his significant fan following surely appreciating his role both as ventriloquist and comedian. American pop culture has carved a very loyal spot for Dunham, a fact evidenced by his three DVDs, as well as role in movies. The fact that Dunham is very successful now, doesn’t mean he always was. Granted in the late 80s and into the early 90s he was already in an acting and performing role, even with the likes of John Carson favorably noticing him, however it was only around 10 years later that things really got going for him.

The series Comedy Central Presents for the first time gave Dunham a solo appearance on Comedy Central in 2003. It was on this show that Dunham began to showcase a few of those famous characters like Melvin the Superhero Guy, Peanut and Jose (the stick jalapeno). Three years later in 2006, suitably impressed with the positive reaction to Dunham, the network gave him a feature-length special, ‘Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself’. Bubba J and Walter, as well as several more well-loved characters, made their debut on this 2006 special which was filmed in Santa Ana, California.

With over two million people viewing this first feature-length special Dunham really did get his first big break. In fact, it was the success of this show that quickly had Dunham rubbing shoulders with the top stand-ups at the time, such as Lewis Black, Jerry Seinfield and Chris Rock. The series of success continued with Dunham receiving a second full-length special on Comedy Central. The year 2007 saw the release of, ‘Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity’, just as was the case for the first special, this second one also met with great positive reactions. AS well as his usual well-loved characters, the show allowed Achmed the Dead Terrorist to make his debut. After that, there was no limit to the success of Dunham, even appearing on NBC comedy 30 Rock and the comedies Dinner for Schmucks and Delta Farce. It didn’t seem to matter which character was in the limelight, John Dunhan was greatly loved by his audience.