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Def Leppard Tickets – Def Leppard Tour Dates 2016

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Since May, Def Leppard has taken to the stage again with their 2016 summer tour of North America. The band’s singer Joe Elliot had vocal problems during the winter, resulting in cancellation of their winter concerts. The tour dates for 2016, which started on May 1 in Orlando, saw a considerable amount of additional dates. Along with REO Speedwagon and Tesla, Def Leppard will put on 55 live shows in the US and Canada. To promote their new self-titled album, and satisfy the massive demand of their fans, Def Leppard will be on tour right through until October. In light of this, it would come as no surprise if Def Leppard releases tour dates for 2017.

Thanks to Def Leppard, Styx, REO Speedwagon and Tesla, an incredible 2016 rock concert awaits.

Def Leppard is going to be touring the coasts, starting on May 1 in Florida and finishing on October 10 in Iowa, according to their recent announcement for a mammoth North American tour. For a few concerts, Styx will open the show, and REO Speedwagon and Tesla will be opening for the entire tour. To find out if more dates will be added, keep checking back on this page.

Def Leppard has been silent for 7 years, and now, according to the frontman Joe Elliot, they are keeping true to their album title by taking all of their highs from their musical career and merging them into an album that is truly them.

It’s going to be a real musical rock feast, with Def Leppard combining their electric performance with REO Speedwagon and Tesla. The band always puts on an unforgettable performance and their much-loved rock anthems had the tickets sold out in no time.